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About us

We are focused and innovative




Our Mission

At Cavan Construction, we are focused and innovative: we're driven on achieving our client's project vision and business goals to maximize value for the best price.

Our Vision

We strive to out-perform and out-deliver by executing innovative solutions to solve the construction problems of tomorrow.




Cavan Construction’s corporate culture and approach to business is a reflection of its core values and principles: mutual accountability, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, integrity and mutual respect. We are good to our word and demonstrate complete honesty at all times. We view our clients' success as our own, with strong business ethics and trust at the forefront of every interaction. This is the foundation of our success as a company.

Health & Safety

Regardless of the work we do, we agree that each of us at Cavan Construction plays a critical role in achieving a safe work environment. We proactively create safe work environments that support the health, wellness and safety of our family of employees, clients, partners and the community. We are relentless in our pursuit to keep people safe from harm and plan meticulously to mitigate risks and ensure safety remains a top priority.


As innovative solutions providers, we leverage state-of-the-art technologies, workflows and practices to allow for early and accurate decision-making, cost and schedule certainty, and high-quality construction. To ensure joint success, these innovations enhance collaboration between ourselves, subcontractors and clients in order to ensure mutual success.


The construction industry is rapidly evolving, and we aim to remain ahead of the curve. We are constantly striving to develop and innovate how we offer building solutions to our clients. We give our clients solutions that will take them from the start of a project to its completion all while exceeding the quality and performance expectations.


We look beyond the immediate construction needs on projects to build holistic strategies that support our client’s business objectives. In our business, we take the same approach, constantly reviewing how to make future collaborations more effective.

Complete Openness

We want our clients to have full and utter transparency about their projects. We want to put all future challenges, successes, prospects, and innovative ideas to the forefront. Sharing this knowledge helps both our clients and us be successful.



Construction Projects

At Cavan Construction, we believe that successful results are no coincidence. Having studied and delivered many successful construction projects, we realized that regardless of the contract type, or size of the project, perfecting these 6 core elements of construction project delivery guarantees success.


Health & Safety

Protecting the health and safety of our staff, clients, partners and the community is our top priority at Cavan Construction. No project can be considered a success without this guiding principle at the forefront of each job we execute. By providing ongoing education and training for our staff, implementing stringent health and safety protocols, and ensuring each Cavan employee acts as a leader with respect to the highest safety standards, we seek to continuously strengthen our culture of safety in order to protect each and every person involved in our projects.