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Our Approach

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Our Approach

At Cavan Construction, we believe that successful results are no coincidence. Having studied and delivered many successful construction projects, we realized that regardless of the contract type, or size of the project, perfecting these 6 core elements of construction project delivery guarantees success.

1. Client Onboarding

No two clients are the same. As a result, the first step in any project is for us to get to know our clients. We want to know what your expectations are, how we can exceed them, what about the project concerns you, and most importantly, what you can expect from us. By establishing clear expectations from the start, we can make necessary changes and provide a fully personalized construction process that ensures the client feels as protected, as possible.

2. Cost Control

Every project has a budget and having an accurate baseline budget early in the project can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project. With our experience and expertise, we provide accurate information, without sugar coating any of the potentially unpleasant realities related to any project. Once everything is on the table, we can get to work solving those issues or finding solutions to help, but we do not believe in ever keeping our clients in the dark about any potential costs. Once the baseline is set, clear and frequent reporting on cost control, client advocacy on changes, and value engineering proposals round out our comprehensive cost control process.

3. Scheduling

Similarly to cost control, the baseline schedule needs to be presented as soon as possible after project kickoff. Ensuring buy-in and seeking commitments from all parties ensures that the schedule quality and accuracy are maintained. Simply dictating timelines and milestones do not work and project team members will not respond. By including them, asking for their feedback, and seeking their commitment to the milestones is what drives an accurate schedule.

4. Risk Management

All projects carry risk, all clients have different risk tolerances. During our onboarding, we will identify the risk appetite, develop a comprehensive plan to mitigate each of these risks and propose the way forward based on client acceptability.

5. Communication

Regular communication with our clients, trade partners, and fellow project team members is embedded within our culture. Not only regular weekly updates but also provide proactive collaboration, transparent discussions of potential risks, and Jobsite footage/images to help keep the client informed and feeling protected. From detailed meeting minutes to formal update emails and even to casual check-in phone calls, thorough communication can be expected from the Cavan project team from project inception through to completion.

6. Subtrade Procurement

Having the right subtrades on the project is the single largest factor in successful project completion. This is why we put such an emphasis on pre-screening and qualifying all of our subtrades. Our screening process includes analyzing company experience and personnel, reference checks from past projects, and requesting bonding/financing letters from their financial institutions to ensure there will not be any performance issues stemming from cash flow problems. Once our pool of pre-screened subcontractors is formed, we can then evaluate them based on their current workloads, proposed schedule, supplier incentives, and overall cost to have the right subtrade for the particular project.